Crimes Against Humanity

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The entire world is now facing a calamity: with the land, air and water poisoned by ever worsening capitalism-made disasters, our means of survival is at stake.

World War III is under-way with NATO out of control. News media networks are silent partners in crime. We now have a choice to either act fast, decisively and conclusively or to accept our fate, a slow death of all life on the planet.

Unless and until the many thousands of criminals who have brought about this state of affairs, either by blind pursuit of profit, by negligence, or by design, are exposed, tried and punished for their crimes, human kind cannot clean up the mess and progress safely into the future.

Furthermore, the millions of human gems of mankind who have been hidden from view and not allowed to flourish in this old system which is on the way out, must be given an opportunity to shine, and present their areas of expertise and knowledge, and have them put into practice.

In the fields of health, energy, environment, science, democracy, human rights, transparency, accountability, management, economy, banking, finance, transport, international relations, and more besides, there are real alternatives to the destruction being forced upon us in order to create profits for monopolistic elites.

From the end of August, large world-changing events are to take place, through the entire month of September, with eight World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity, and your help is urgently required.

The 8 World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity (8-WPC-CAH), will be held in 8 locations around the world: North America, South America, Europe, North Africa, South Africa, West Asia, East Asia, and Oceania.

The many known criminals among corporations, governments, news media, military, international organizations and others, will be listed and their crimes exposed with numerous films, exhibitions, presentations, testimony, and workshops taking place at each location.

Before any trial can come about, people in their millions around the world, must become aware not just of one or several of these crimes and feel impotent to do anything about it, but of the full gamut and also to be provided the tools to bring about real trials of the criminals.

Not only will all the crimes be exposed with evidence beyond all doubt, but out of this world wide event of a scale never before seen, will emerge the solutions to a great many problems, as well as a "World People's Declaration, 2011" by way of consensus.

What is now required immediately, are those people who have sufficient free time or who are able to make the time for one of the most important events of the millennium, to explore possible venues and check for availability and facilities, as well as costs and booking requirements.

Programmers with the skills to create data bases, wikis and systems to facilitate the recording and reference of these crimes, as well as communications and systems for passing collective resolutions, drafting and voting on motions, or any related technology, please also come forward.

Everyone who wishes to attend will be kept informed, and should register now individually so that we can contact everyone and keep you up to date. Also be sure to join the mailing list.

Good at organizing? Check out events management services, venues, or anything else that you or others can provide, register at and post the information, evidence of any past work, and any estimated costs.

Able to donate or assist? Let us know in the forum what you can help with. Many expenses may not be able to be provided immediately but may be reimbursed later after the event or even during it.

Good at fund-raising, publicity, networking or anything else? Wish to participate with an exhibition, film, work shop, suggestions? While the immediate priority is first on finding the venues and those willing and able to make it all happen, please prepare your plan and proposals.

On the registration page be sure to mention in the comments box anything you wish to exhibit, or any suggested workshops you'd like to participate in, or any presentations you'd like to give, or any other ways in which you may assist.

For further information, please see Documents.